Monday, May 6, 2013

Soraya's Fabulous New Blog!

I am so excited to do my very first post on our new revamped blog!  Soraya's blog will now incorporate beauty, style, and personal posts from yours truly!  My fabulous interns have done such an amazing job with posts, but I felt it was important to start connecting with my Soraya girls and give them an insider view in my world.  A few new categories were added to the blog and here's a little about them:

Style Guide:  Styling has always been a passion of mine.  My family laughs because they say I come out everyday with a different look, but that's just me!  I always stay true to my personal style, but I love trying new trends and being fearless with fashion.  Merchandising and working with several T.V. shows is really where I discovered my love for styling.  I learned what photographs well and what doesn't.  There's so much that goes into achieving the perfect look.  With my clients that I style, I try to make sure they are feeling confident and fabulous, head to toe.  This section will include posts from me on styling tips, newest trends, how to wear certain pieces, dressing right for your body and so much more.  My fashionistas aka my interns will also be posting their styling tips or favorite looks and keep you up to date with the hottest trends.  I love to see style posts from my girls, because everybody's style is so different and unique and I think its important for people to see.

Beauty Talk:  Anybody who knows me, knows that I love make up and all things beauty.  I have been sketching and oil painting since I was a little girl.  To me, make up is really creating a beautiful look from a bare canvas, just like art.  I love to try new make up products and looks, in the same way I love to switch up my style depending on my mood.  Over the years, I have had friends ask me to do their make up, people always asking me what products I use or how my make up stays on so well etc etc.  I have also learned some amazing tricks from the fabulous make up artists I have worked with over the years that I am so grateful for!  I think what makes beauty so fun is not being afraid to try new make up looks or hair styles.  This is why my Soraya photo shoots are always so important to me and I make sure I choose everything, down to the model's lashes.  I want to give my customers a sense of what I envision for each look.  I will be posting my favorite products, my favorite make up looks, and cool color palettes to try depending on your outfits.  I will also be posting video tutorials with my personal make up artists, showing you how to achieve runway looks or the perfect make up to match your Soraya outfit.

Rozi's Faves:  I thought it'd be fun to share all my favorites in one section!  It's always so inspiring to me to see how some of my favorite designers come up with their collection, what their hobbies are, what motivates them everyday or what they're into at the moment.  It gives you such a better explanation of their brand and personality.  I will also be hosting segments on our blog and all social media accounts, where you can ask me any styling or beauty questions!  This section is just a glimpse in my world and I hope you all love it!

Soraya On The Scene:  My fashionistas have always done such a great job staying up to date on celebrity style, gossip, the newest trends etc.  This section is dedicated to whats hot on the scene!  We will be updating you with celeb style, newest trends, taking polls on what you think is hot this season, celeb gossip, and keeping you up to date with fashion forward news so you can always stay on top of the trends!  We really want our readers to get involved and share with us what their loving at the moment!  It is so refreshing to hear and see everyones different take on style.

I am looking forward to interacting with other fashionistas out there and I truly hope you enjoy Soraya's new blog! Happy Monday everyone!

Love always,
Rozi Soraya

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