Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Throwin Some Shade...

Look cool while blocking some shade in these stylish sunnies.  I'm sort of a sunglass junkie (and shoes, and purses, and jewelry...) and I am obsessed with these styles.  I pulled my favorite sunglasses from my personal closet and listed them below! What are some of your favorite brands?

Rozi Soraya

(Top left to bottom right)

 if you live in the San Fernando Valley: go visit Wayne Fletcher at Optx Fine Eyewear in the Calabasas Courtyard.  He is so helpful and friendly.  He does custom dye lenses (you can practically dye lenses any color you want to, mirrored and regular), and he has a great selection of designer eyewear.  If you are looking for these online, click the link. I haven't ordered from this website before, but only place I was able to still find them online.

I bought mine from this online store.  LOVE these glasses!  They also come with an extra pair of mirrored lenses, so you can swap out any time you want.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Products I LOVE!

I recently went on a Sephora Haul and besides restocking some of my essential products I use, I decided to try a bunch of new products....and I absolutely love them!  A couple products below are new drug store products I also love!  I've included a brief description of each product below, so you can see the way I like to use them.  Let me know if any of you have tried these products too and what you think!  You can shop all products below by clicking on the links!  
Hope you guys love them!

Rozi Soraya

(From left to right)

 I'm really beginning to love this brand! I use this oil on my split ends or anytime my hair needs a little extra special love.  I mainly use this as a body oil!  This oil literally gives you that "J.Lo glow" on your legs and lets be real, who wouldn't want JLo legs?!  I love this oil because you can use it on so many different areas.

I usually use Pureology's Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner.  I have lots of hair (persian hair), but my hair tends to dry flat naturally.  I have straight hair and want more volume naturally.  I tried this new volumizing shampoo and conditioner and I have to say I do notice a difference!  If you blow out your hair directly after your shower, it is that much more of a difference too.  If anyone is looking to give your hair a bit of a boost before styling it, try these!

I love this brand!  I started using this when I randomly got eczema last winter and it really helped!  I haven't had eczema since (hopefully this winter I won't either).  I have tons of allergies as well and I love that this is targeted to sensitive skins and all natural.  This brand is also for anyone who just likes to use soft ingredients on their skin and has sensitivity too.  This eye duty triple remedy is pretty cool It works sort of like a concealer and eye cream in one.  It's one color (peach based) and you apply under your eyes.  You use the metal applicator to massage in the product and it will instantly leave you with smooth, brightened eyes.  This is perfect when you are on the go and don't have time to wear make up.  This one product can make a world of difference. 

I absolutely LOVE this liner!  I always use gel or cream liners, so this was perfect for me.  I used to use Make Up Forever's Aqua black waterproof cream eyeshadow as a gel eye liner (which I also love to), but this is extremely easy to apply, since it is in a pen form.  I highly suggest this to all the gel liner users out there!

This hair spray ties along with giving your hair more volume.  I love to finish my curls or blow out with this hair spray because it gives it that finishing touch of volume that I need to complete my style.   It's lightweight and not sticky, which is great because I do not like to feel like I have tons of product in my hair.

Who doesn't want their pores to appear smaller?  And if you do not have ANY visible pores at all, lucky you!  I love this scrub because it just leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean.  It literally makes your skin feel "vacuumed out" from all your leftover make up, oils, and toxins.  Even if you do not struggle with pores, I think this is a great product to use every now and then to give your skin a little detox.

I have tried different face brushes, buffers, and even the Clarasonic.  Again, I have sensitive skin, so I don't like to scrub with anything too harsh.  This sponge is great because it works your pores, as well as gives your face a good scrub.  You simply pour your cleanser on the sponge and scrub away.  I love it as well because it is all natural and made of vegetable fibers.  

I use this along with a shower wash.  This leaves your skin so smooth and soft and it smells great!  It prevents moisture loss and scrubs away dry skin cells.  It also brightens and tones your skin with each use.

I've been getting into BB Creams lately.  I used to use the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, which is great too!  I used the cream formula, because the liquid tended to make my skin very oily very quickly.  I have more oily based skin than dry.  I do not wear foundation everyday and I wanted to try something that is light and fresh for everyday use, that still gives me a little glow!  I tried BB Creams and I'm starting to love them.  I love this BB Cream because it has SPF 35.  I think it is SOOO important to use a moisturizer and products that have SPF, because you need to protect your skin.  

BB Creams provide a bit of coverage, have SPF and contain antioxidants.  This specific Smashbox one moisturizes, primes, protects, perfects and controls oils, which is perfect for someone with oily skin like me.  It also is suppose to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  CC creams are "Color Corrective".  If you have redness, dark spots, sallowness etc., this would be better for you.  CC creams are going to be lighter on the skin than BB creams and not necessarily used as "coverage".  So be sure to choose the one that is right for you!  If you are not sure, visit your local Sephora or consult with a make up artist to help you decide.  

This is another product from Phyto.  This is another product that ties into getting that "volume boost" in your hair.  I spritzed this in my towel dried hair, before I'm styling.  When I blow dry my hair, I notice the biggest difference on my crown and root base.  I also love this product and brand, because their products are heavy.  I don't feel like I have close to anything in my hair, which is great!  No one likes to be left with tacky or sticky hair.  With the combination of the Pureology Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner, this spray, and Paul Mitchell's hair spray, my hair has been looking exactly how I want it to! If you want to achieve a fuller look, try these products together and let me know how it works for you!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Style Guide: Keepin It "Coo"

I love color blocking.  You see a lot of it in my line, Soraya By Rozi.  Whether it's mixing different prints or patterns that you usually wouldn't see in the industry or mixing two colors that is not so common.  I love it.  It gives clothing such a fresh looking vibe.  This pop of color isn't that extreme, but I thought it'd be fun to dress up this black and white combo with a pop of orange.  I love my Ash sneaker wedges, because they're super cute (obvi) but also super comfortable! Shop the outfit below!

Rozi Soraya

Friday, August 8, 2014

Beauty Talk: My Products & FAV Make Up Artists!

I am not a professional make up artist by any means, nor do I claim to be a pro.  Anyone who knows me knows I just love make up because I look at make up the same way I do with painting or designing, like an art form.  I love trying new trends, new colors, new styles etc.  I also have been lucky enough to snag some great tips from the best make up artists in the game.  Denika Bedrossian was my first ever make up artist.  I remember walking into MAC when I was old enough (and allowed) to wear make up and saw her beautifying a girl.  I loved the end result!  Denika also had such a cool style.  Every MAC girl always looks pretty chic in all black, but I just knew I had to get my make up done by her.  She then did my make up for my first homecoming when I was 15, all the way to senior prom and many events after to when I started Soraya By Rozi.  She taught me how to do the perfect gel winged eyeliner, which I still rock today and introduced to a range of colors and shades I would have never picked on my own.  Denika is now one of the hottest celebrity make up artists ever.  She was Miley Cyrus' personal make up artist on tour and she has also worked on Kelly Osbourne, Jessica Simpson and all of the Kardashians, just to name a few.  You go girl!  Follow Denika at: @dendoll

Another make up artist I just have to rave about is Miss Bria Valencia.  Bria is the sweetest girl you will ever meet.  I met her accidentally (sort of) at one of my clothing line, Soraya By Rozi, look book shoots.  Well, I'm so glad I did!  We instantly clicked when I told her to keep models' eyebrows thick (a lot of artists do thin) and do heavy contour/highlighting. Before I finished my sentence, she actually finished it for me. This is when I knew, she's my kind of girl! Bria also introduced me to SO many amazing products and she has quickly worked her way to work her magic on some of the hottest celebs! Bria has been  doing my make up and working all my shoots ever since. Follow Bria at: @bria_makeup

Sorry, I know this post was extra long, but I needed to give you some background info! In conclusion, I wanted to share with you the products I use to create the look below. Keep in mind this is a HEAVY glam look, suitable for night or events. Check my previous posts for light products, perfect for everyday and Summer. Let me know what you guys think and if you have tried any of the products below! Shop the product links below. Have a beautiful weekend!

Rozi Soraya

(Please keep in mind, these are my colors & may not be right for you. Have a professional help you match your color.)
(The two above should be 2 shades lighter than your original color, for under eye concealer & setting.)

Mac Eyeshadows:
Vanilla (brow bone)
Rice Paper (eyelid)
Cork (crease)
Brown Script (crease)