Thursday, March 23, 2017


We went to Mexico! My girls, my sis and I wanted to take a little bday trip after celebrating my bday in Los Angeles to Mexico.  We decided to go to Playa Del Carmen because we all have never been.  Even though we were missing the fourth member of our crew last minute (but for a good reason), we went and had a blast!  I am not a big drinker, but when I do drink, I drink tequila!  The beaches and sunsets were so beautiful!  We stayed at the Thompson Hotel, which I loved!  It was super cute and literally in the middle of everything, so we walked everywhere, which was very convenient.  There was also a Catch on the rooftop (which we love).  We pretty much live at that restaurant and eat their branzino 3x a week in Los Angeles, so it was fun to visit in Playa Del Carmen as well.  We mainly drank, ate, danced and drank again lol, so I decided to do a mini snap vlog, because that was pretty much all to see besides the beaches.  I REALLY wanted to visit the ruins and swim in the cenotes, but we were so tired towards the end of trip, we couldn't make it and just chilled at our pool instead.  Even though I'm still recovering (I'm getting old), it was such a nice little getaway with my girls! Love you chicas!