St. Barths
January 3, 2022

Just got back home from our vacation in St. Barths!  It was my first time visiting this charming island and I absolutely loved it.  Besides our flights getting cancelled and delayed for 3 days on the return home (I’ll get into that later), the trip was so fun!  I was a bit nervous to find out about the travel to get there, as I don’t like long traveling times, but it wasn’t too bad.  We flew to Florida and then to St. Maarten and then landed in St. Barths.  It truly is such a beautiful island.  We stayed at a beautiful villa on St. Jean beach.  When we landed they informed us that they just bumped up curfew to 8pm, because of Covid, which was such a bummer, because we didn’t get to experience any nightlife and had to have dinners super early, but we still made the best of it.  A lot of the restaurants also closed down last minute because of this Covid curfew.   I can’t wait to return when there is no curfew, so we can truly enjoy every part of the island.  You know my family and I LOVE to eat, so I’ll list below the restaurants we tried and our favorite ones.

We visited Eden Roc hotel for many lunches.  I love that property. I think next time we visit, we would definitely stay there instead of renting our own villa.  Also in St. Barths, it’s really important you rent cars.  The island is small, but you need to get around everywhere with your own vehicle.  We rented an SUV and a mini coop convertible, which was so fun to drive around.  One activity I would highly recommend to do is to rent a yacht for the day.  That was one of my favorite days.  They took us around to see their beaches.  The color of the water and sand was so beautiful.  We got to jump out and swim in the ocean.   It was truly memorable.  We also did some shopping in Gustavia.  They have amazing shopping there!

This trip was a beautiful memory for my family and I and we cannot wait to go back again soon!

Villa Views

Eden Roc Beach

Pizza at L’Isola

Lunch at Eden Roc

Pretty Cocktails at Bonito

Last Dinner




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