Black-Owned Beauty Brands
July 16, 2020

Black-Owned Beauty Brands That Should Always Be Featured

Even though it shouldn’t take a movement to feature these amazing companies or put
black-owned businesses into the spotlight, I love that these companies are getting the recognition they deserve.
 These women behind the scenes of these companies are not only selling incredible products, but usually are the
trend-setters that not many people are aware of.  I’ve listed beauty companies below that have always been my
favorite and the products I use from each!  I would love to discover new beauty brands as well and the founders
behind it, so if you have any favorites, drop them below in the comments!

Pat McGrath Labs

I love this brand so much!  Pat McGrath is a self-made billionaire with her love of makeup starting at seven years old.
 She’s won countless awards and has had best selling products over and over again.

*I get her Lust Lipglosses in colors: Flesh Fantasy & Flesh Astral.  I mix them
together to create the perfect pink beige! Obsessed!

B. Simone Beauty

I try to use as many vegan and cruelty-free products as possible, which is why I love B.
Simone Beauty!  She launched in 2019 and became so popular right away!  The packaging is pretty and the products are
very affordable! My favorites are the lip mattes & lip pencils.  I have the lip matte in the color “Money Maker”
which is a gorgeous red and also the lip liner in color “Forever Young”, which is a really pretty beige pink.


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