Detox Your Laundry
January 19, 2021

Photo Credit: The Laundress

Laundry and I have a love/hate relationship. I love jumping into bed to nice, warm, fresh sheets that smell like lavender and just heaven. However, I hate doing laundry. It is definitely not one of my favorite chores lol. Some people find it therapeutic. My forms of therapy include organization and closet clean outs. With any chore or task, I try to make it as enjoyable and health conscious as possible. With my many allergies, I like to keep my products as clean and simple as possible. Below are some of my favorite all natural laundry products and my favorite scents!


Photo Credit: The Laundress

The Laundress is one of my absolute favorite companies to shop all laundry products.  I pretty much have their entire line.  I love the scents they have, especially their new collab with Le Labo!  Their signature scent smells so lovely, like a combination of jasmine, sandalwood, lilies, and fresh citrus.  All their products are eco-conscious and easy to use without harsh chemicals, pro-planet and less plastic and never tested on animals.  I also am obsessed with how they have specific formulas for different types of garments, like detergents for darks, whites and even denim!  I also use their sports detergent on all my athletic clothing since I workout a lot! I truly love their story and all their products!
Shop them below.

Photo Credit: The Laundress


Here are some other products I love using and the scents I usually buy them in.

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