Mexico: The Cabo Guide
October 1, 2019

Cabo is one of my favorite getaways. Living in Los Angeles, it is so convenient to vacay to, being only two hours away. It has the most beautiful resorts and yummy food. I love that I can be at a tropical paradise with just a two hour flight.. My favorite thing to do in Cabo is relax by the pool, hit the beach, eat and drink (obvi) and just have a super chill vacay. I have visited several times now where I have my favorite restaurants and resort. Below is my ultimate guide to Cabo!


There are many beautiful hotels and resorts in Cabo, but Pedregal is by far my favorite. It is where I stay every time I visit. I love it because it is of course so pretty and the service is always top notch. It has this authentic relaxing vibe which makes you feel like you are definitely in Mexico. Some of the other hotels are more modern, which for me personally, takes away from the Mexican feels that I want to experience. They have a beautiful pool that you can literally spend all day at and not get tired of the amazing views. They also have incredible restaurants. I like to venture out for dinners sometimes, but they designed this resort so you don’t have to leave!


Pedregal Views

Pedregal Crudo Bar

Fresh guac delivered to you room daily.



This restaurant is located at Pedregal.  It is a beautifully built restaurant literally on top of a cliff.  You are surrounded by rocks and feel like you are dining in somewhat of a cave.  The experience is also unique as you do a walk through process to order your food.  You are greeted with champagne and you choose your seafood or meats from the display directly along with your sides and dessert before you even sit down.  The food is top notch and so is the service.  I love dining at this restaurant around 6pm, so you truly get to take in the sunset and beautiful views.  A must have in Cabo, especially if you are staying at Pedregal.


I usually hit this restaurant the day I get in Cabo, because it is casual, yummy and comfortable. I don’t eat meat, but my family always orders the steaks here which they say are bomb.  The seafood is SO good.  I usually order the lobster =)


This restaurant is literally right on the sand.  It’s super casual, extremely busy and a fun environment.  I like to come here for breakfast because they have the best waffles and huevos rancheros!  Literally so good!  I like coming during the day the best, that way you have a pretty view of the beach.  If you are celebrating someone’s birthday, this is also a fun place to go during the day.  They bring you their famous corn cake, which is AMAZING.  The whole team will come sing at your table and make the birthday girl or boy knock back a tequila shot followed by a head shake to really get them tipsy lol.


This restaurant is at the beautiful Vidanta Hotel.  It is in the same hotel that Omnia Dayclub is located at, so you can always do the dayclub if you want to party and eat here after.  I usually come here for dinner.  The restaurant is hip and fun, with live music usually playing.  They have really cool decor and outside tables on the sand if you want to sit outside.  The food is SO good too, which is what I love about this place; not only a cool theme, but bomb food! I always order the hibiscus margaritas, as well as tacos and all the ceviches.


This restaurant is not only amazing food but an incredible experience.  They are a farm to table restaurant, with all ingredients sourced locally and all organic.  The menu is so unique and so yummy!  It is truly worth the drive out.  It may seem like it is in the boonies, but once you arrive, you will be so happy you went! You should definitely come here during the day for lunch to experience the beautiful farm.  We visited Hotel California which is nearby and ate at this restaurant after.  It is a fun day trip if you want to try something different and leave your resort.


This is a cool dinner restaurant with a lot of Peruvian influence.  They offer lots of seafood incorporated in their Mexican menu.


Suviche is located at The One and Only Hotel.  If you’re craving sashimi or sushi, this is your spot.  I like to come here for dinner when I need a little break from the tacos and straight Mexi food.  Below are the rolls and sashimi I get.


Sunset Monalisa is another restaurant you need to experience at least once.  The all white restaurant has the most magical views.  I always felt the food isn’t the best in Cabo, but it’s yummy.  This is one of the restaurants that you visit for the experience and views.  They announce sunset by blowing a horn and sometimes fireworks.  The restaurant feels like a fairytale when you are dining.  Make sure to take lots of pictures!


Usually when I go to Cabo, it is more of a relaxing vacation for me, so I don’t partake in nightlife that much.  However, if you want to grab a drink or go out out, below are some spots I have been to!





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