I Tried It: Sakara Level 2 Detox Review
November 3, 2019

The word detox doesn’t exactly sound fun, which is why I was nervous to try this, especially with the title “LEVEL TWO detox”….sort of wanted to start with a PREGAME detox.   I haven’t done a detox or cleanse in a VERY long time, so I felt like I was overdue.  I decided to commit to this program and just sign up so there was no looking back.  My biggest fear was the fact that I couldn’t have coffee for 5 days.  I am a coffee addict (cut down to about 3 a day, so you can imagine what I had before).  I knew the withdrawals and migraines would be painful to say the least, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could actually do this.  Instead of writing a review at the end, when I would be feeling great (as I am now), I journaled everyday on the detox to give the most honest review.  Below is my journal as well as my overall review at the bottom!  Comment below if you have done this detox and what your experience was like!

Photo Courtesy of Sakara

Night Before

Excited/Nervous.  My whole detox kit arrived yesterday night (looked so cute and chic). Read my little pamphlet that gives you lots of info on how to go about each day, how you will be feeling, side effects, and a brief explanation of what this detox exactly is.

This detox is semi intense.  It was not meant to be a weight loss solution (even though you of course lose weight!) but a total body reset.  Sakara teamed with functional medicine doctor, Dr. Aviva Romm, to create this plant based detox, which follows Sakara’s pillar of nutrition and foundation of the company, but also an intense cleanse to temporarily eliminate common dietary inflammation triggers and release years of toxic build up.  It also was designed to reboot the metabolism and heal the gut.

Just like Sakara’s Signature Program, this detox eliminates:

meat | dairy | gluten | refined sugar | pesticides | harmful chemicals | GMOs | toxins

but goes a step further to eliminate:

all sugar (including fruit) | nuts | soy | nightshades (white potatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, chili peppers) | alcohol | caffeine

The process of this level 2 detox is to:

CLEANSE: eliminate inflammatory foods & reducing chronic stress

BURN: ketosis (burn stored fat as energy)

RESTORE: replenish beneficial gut bacteria and heal the gut lining.

This all sounded lovely to me, but actually doing it was another story.  The detox kit also came with your daily supplements, digestion teas, and a dry brush, to be used twice daily.

Day One

I made it through Day One and it was NOT easy.  I felt so odd in the morning waking up and not having my morning latte.  I almost did not know what to do with myself.  I downed 16 oz of water with 2 dropperfuls of the Beauty Concentrate and had my digestive tea instead included in my detox kit.  I did a dry brush sesh and rinsed off as instructed.  I was killing it.  Then I had to eat Breakfast….


Photo Courtesy of Sakara

Photo Courtesy of Sakara

The first breakfast was tough for me.  It was a ROOT VEGGIE DETOX. The meal was actually delicious!  However I usually do something sweet or light in the mornings with my coffee (think oatmeal, parfait, fruit, healthy carb etc), so having pure veggies with aioli sauce was hard because I just don’t crave that type of foods first thing when I wake up.  I managed to finish it but it was a struggle.  It was honestly yummy and if that was for lunch, I would have devoured it.  I also took my morning supplements!

I had another round of digestive tea and then the headache came.  I usually am on coffee #2 by now, so my body definitely went into shock.  Fast forward to lunch time and it was a full blown migraine.  Lunch was cabbage dumplings with healing broth.  This wasn’t my favorite honestly, but it wasn’t bad at all.  Let’s just say I was starving.  I drank my coconut kefir after lunch which helped my sweet tooth (I ALWAYS have some sort of sweet, a healthy one, but something with my afternoon coffee).  I was dreading the rest of the day because I knew all I had left was Medicinal Broth for dinner.

Dinner: Medicinal Broth.

Mood: BYE.


Day Two

My head is about to explode.  I have literally no energy and this is rough.  The struggle is real.  Just finished breakfast which was a Cinnamon Chia Detox Parfait….thank God something sweet at least! The parfait was yummy and more along the lines of what I usually eat for breakfast, but my lack of coffee is hitting my hard.  Had my tea, downed my water, took my supplements, but honesty no energy at alllll.

I usually drink about 60 oz of water a day, so this is not new for me to be hydrating, but I am trying to up it to 80 oz while on this detox.

Lunch: Zucchini & Jicama Noodles with Superfood Falafels
Snack: Coconut Kefir (love!)
Dinner: Medicinal Broth

Now it is around 9pm.  I tried to keep myself busy today so I did not have to constantly remind myself of food or lack of coffee.  I wasn’t so much hungry as I was tired.  I went to my office, but honestly wasn’t so productive because I was so sluggish I couldn’t focus.  I went to a pumpkin patch tonight which was fun and took my mind off of things, but it also was a struggle!  They recommend you rest A LOT during this detox because your body is working hard.  I understand why now.

Lunch Day 2: Zucchini & Jicama Noodles with Superfood Falafels

Day Three

Today my migraines seemed a bit better or maybe I just got used to it.  I don’t ever take Tylenol or any sort of medications, so I definitely did not want to start on this detox.  My energy however seems to be increasing and I feel a good switch in my detox today.

Breakfast was tough because it was a “Magic Mushroom Detox”.  I had trouble swallowing this, but somehow seemed to finish it.  I downed a lot of water to help with my hunger and made sure I was hydrated.

I had a light work schedule today and one event I had to go to, so it kept me busy enough without over exerting energy.

Lunch was a Rainbow Kitchari with Chia Tortillas.  This meal was not my favorite, but not the worst.  I was REALLY hungry so it felt good to eat.  I also was getting ready for the following day which would be all liquids, so I knew I should be eating all my main meals today. My coconut kefir drinks really were a life saver because it killed my sweet tooth.

I had my medicinal broth before I left to meet my best friend who was in town for dinner.  It was EXTREMELY difficult not to eat or drink at the restaurant when all the girls were!  It really is a mental strength and toughness you are building, while detoxing.


I feel like today is going to be tough because it is straight liquids so I am trying to mentally prep.  I am also going to the J Balvin concert tonight, which I am SO excited for because he is one of my favorite Latin singers.  I just wish I wasn’t on this detox for it, (not just so I can drink) but hopefully I have enough energy especially on ALL LIQUID DAY.

Took my probiotics, had my tea, and downed my beauty water.

On the menu for breakfast today is a Morning Green Detox Blend.  Super yummy! It tasted exactly like a green smoothie I have all the time anyways, but I am still hungry!
I have a beauty event to go to so I’m hoping that keeps my mind off of my hunger. I have been drinking so much water today too to hydrate!

Lunch consisted of an Alkalizing Carrot Ginger Soup.  I loved this soup and it was actually really filling.  I’m started to realize today I have actually felt more full than any other day, even though it is all liquids. I think my stomach has adjusted to smaller meals and portions.

Snack: Coconut Kefit & another Green Detox Blend

I drank my snacks on my way to the concert and kept the green detox blend for the concert, so I would have something to sip on.  I honestly wasn’t hungry at all and felt great!  The concert was so fun (even though I wish I could have turned up with the girls).

Dinner: Medicinal Broth (kind of getting tired of this broth!)


I made it!  I can’t say these five days have gone by quickly because it definitely was tough, but waking up today felt so good! Yesterday and today I felt the difference.  i totally felt that my body was cleansed and had so much energy.  I woke up feeling refreshed.  My coffee migraines were gone and I woke up not needing some espresso, which was so odd but amazing.  Today’s final menu is below.  I can’t say I will quit drinking coffee because I genuinely love the taste vs the caffeine, but I wanted to prove to myself that I can do this.  This final day of meals is super important to transition to your regular eating.

Breakfast: Sunshine Squash Protein Frittata
Lunch: Cauliflower & White Bean Burger
Snack: Coconut Kefir
Dinner: Detox Macro Bowl

I was skeptical at first and nervous trying this detox because it seemed intense and everyone knows Im a foodie. I’ve done a juice cleanse before a long time ago, which I absolutely hated.  However, I think a detox is more than just cleansing your body.  It is also so great for you mentally and to build strength.  It feels so good on your final day when you know you have achieved something, and of course you get amazing results of cleansing your body of all toxins, caffeine, alcohol etc.  My morning coffee is not something I need as bad now, but more something I enjoy.  I really loved this Sakara detox because you incorporate real meals filled with nutrients and superfoods, unlike juice cleanses.  It trains your stomach.  I would recommend this detox for anyone looking for a boost in their health.  I definitely will be doing this detox once every 4 months.

Let me know if you guys try this and what your thoughts are!

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