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July 18, 2019

Before taking any vitamins and supplements, it is important to talk to your doctor, as everyone’s body is completely different. Over the years, I have tried so many different vitamins and supplements and as well as done tons of research.  You kind of figure out what works best for you, depending on your health gaps.  I am a big believer on all things natural and preferably vegan when taking vitamins and supplements.  I don’t even take Advil, so if you see me pop one, you know I am in excruciating pain!  I have a super sensitive body and prefer to take things as clean and with the most simple ingredients as possible. Plus with my many allergies, it took me awhile to find the right ones, so I wanted to share with you! Below are the vitamins/ supplements I take daily and the ones I try to incorporate into my routine when I need a little pick me up!


Coconut-Based MCT Oil
This is great on a Keto diet, which is the diet I do the most. MCTs are a type of fat that help your body reach ketosis-the process which your body burns fat for energy. I use this Premium MCT Oil and put a tablespoon in my coffee every morning.


Ora Organic Supplements
I’m obsessed with Ora! I take several of their supplements and after trying many vegan supplements, these work best for me. The team is also so friendly and helpful!  They will walk you through and figure out which supplements work best for you. Below is what I take daily from Ora.  Check out their website as well because they have so many more supplements I can’t wait to try.


Trust Your Gut Capsules

Photo Courtesy of Ora Organics

Trust Your Gut Supplements

Photo Courtesy of Ora Organics

“Trust Your Gut” Vegan Probiotics with Prebiotics: I love that these have prebiotics in the capsules as well. Probiotics help manage your gut health, immune functions, as well as being acid-resistant. Prebiotics serve as the fuel for probiotics and keep good bacteria in your gut thriving. These also help with mood balance, hair and skin, and help fight against pathogens. I take these on an empty stomach every morning.


You're Golden Ora Organics

Photo Courtesy of Ora Organics

You're Golden Turmeric Supplements

Photo Courtesy of Ora Organics

“You’re Golden” Organic Turmeric Curcumin Pills: It is so important for turmeric pills to have curcumin and black pepper in them, because it enhances absorption. Turmeric, in my opinion, is the best thing to help inflammation and the only thing that truly helps me.  It also supports joint stress and cardiovascular health. It’s great for bloating and anyone who suffers from inflamed stomachs. I take these on an empty stomach every morning.

Appley Every After Ora Organics

Photo Courtesy of Ora Organics

“Appley Ever After” Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Pills: ACV helps your body detox from unwanted toxins. Some people prefer to take an ACV liquid supplement (which I used to do), however I prefer these pills so much more. It is easier to take and you don’t have to mix with anything or deal with that ACV taste! Plus taking pills prevents erosion of tooth enamel from acetic acid when you take it in liquid form. I love that these pills also have organic milk thistle and lemon, which are high in antioxidants. I take two tablets with lunch.

HUM Red Carpet Supplements

Photo Courtesy of Sephora

HUM “Red Carpet” Skin & Hair Supplement:  I love these vegan supplements!  They have vitamin E and antioxidants to help support glowing skin and shiny hair.  It also helps minimize pores and prevent wrinkles.  I’m obsessed with these.  It almost gives you a head to toe glow from within.  The main ingredients in these supplements are black currant seed oil and sunflower seed oil.


Ritual Essential for Women Multivitamin

Photo Courtesy of Ritual Vitamins

Ritual Essential Vitamins Ritual Essential Women's Multivitamin

Ritual Vitamins: After doing LOTS of research, I decided to try Ritual multivitamins.  I like that they’re vegan, organic, and apart from all other popular women’s multivitamin, they have only 9 essential ingredients, which are folate, omega-3, vitamin b12, vitamin d3, iron, vitamin k2, boron, vitamin e, and magnesium. Ritual is passionate about giving you only what your body needs, the necessary amounts and nothing extra.  They have a no-nausea capsule design and of course no synthetic fillers or colorants. So far, I love them and can already feel a difference.  Their mission is to create a stronger foundation for better health.

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