New Year, Clean Start
January 8, 2021

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it is 2021. As slow and as tough 2020 was, it also flew by so fast. One of the ways I like to reset is always freshening up my space. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE organizing and cleaning. It truly does make me feel so at peace and happy. I do believe that your mindset and mood have so much to do with your surrounding space. If your home and office is cluttered, it can’t be the easiest place to work or find peace. When I wake up to an organized, clean room and home, it automatically makes me relaxed and in a great mood.

The new year is a perfect time to tackle any room or area that you have been putting off. I like to also update and redecorate certain areas, which makes your home feel like you are giving it a little facelift. My tip would be to take one area at a time as a project or else it can get overwhelming. Dedicate one room for the week and do everything from declutter the space, deep clean, organize and decorate!
The kitchen and pantry are probably my favorite places. I tend to pull everything out and reorganize a lot. It has become my stress reliever! lol. I also love making sure my closet is organized and easy to navigate. This makes picking out outfits much easier.

I listed some products and items I use in my home that help me organize and declutter! I will be doing a follow up post with all my favorite household items, which you can also shop on my Amazon storefront:
Comment below for any product suggestions you may need for your home.
I promise these small moves will get your year off to a great start and a fresh new space! Wishing everyone a better, safer and happy year ahead filled with lots of peace, love and light!


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