Blog Her 2019 Creator’s Summit
October 3, 2019

I had the pleasure of attending the Blog Her 2019 Creator’s Summit hosted by She Media in Brooklyn, NY.  Blog Her is specifically a community dedicated to female content creators, influencers and brands.  It’s a place where entrepreneurs and influencers can connect, network and grow.

This year’s creator’s summit was filled with inspirational panel discussions, celebrity keynote speakers, educational workshops, wellness and beauty activations and tons of networking with top brands.  There were so many incredible entrepreneurs and brands that I was able to meet.  It was truly an inspiring couple days, hearing everyone’s stories and journey to success.  I was able to connect with current brands I work with, make new partnerships and learn so much from my favorite speakers, including my forever fashion icon, Sarah Jessica Parker!  Below is a recap of my time at the BlogHer Summit!  Thanks so much for having me!

Sarah Jessica Parker


Joanne Ramos, Author of “The Farm”
Lo Bosworth, Founder of Love Wellness @lobosworth @lovewellness
Cyndi Ramirez, Owner of The The Chill House @cyndiramirez @chillhouse
Sarah Lee, Co-Founder of Glow Recipe @sarah_glow @gl0wrecipe

Keke Palmer

Love working with Constant Contact!

Alex Posen receiving The Art of Impact Voice of The Year Award for her work with @resistance_design
Connie Britton @conniebritton
Danielle Bernstein @WeWoreWhat


Danielle Bernstein @WeWoreWhat


Dunkin Donuts Pop Up
Tons of top brand pop ups including Hint Flavored Water & Glow Recipe!

Diane Guerrero

Women of Influence Speakers

Liz Plank @feministabulous
Raya Encheva @rayawashere



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