June 27, 2019

The EAT DRINK VEGAN food festival was on Saturday, June 22nd and it was such a fun day!  I’m not vegan, but it was still a cool experience for anyone to enjoy.  I don’t eat beef and stay away from dairy due to allergies, so it was nice not having to worry what was in every single item, legit ate everything.  It also gave me the opportunity to discover and try some new restaurants, especially vegan dessert spots! (Donut Friend….wow drool) Donut Friend is my fav new donut shop by the way… I wasn’t expecting so many people to be there, but literally jam packed. The lines were SO long or else I feel like we would have tried more spots.  We stayed hydrated by downing bomb tequila watermelon cocktails while waiting in line lol.  Anywho it was such a cool day of doing my favorite thing….eating.  Below are some of the yummy foods we tried.

Eat Drink Vegan Tickets


Eat Drink Vegan-min

Photo Courtesy of Eat Drink Vegan

Photo Courtesy of Eat Drink Vegan


Pura Vita Booth Pura Vita Food

Pura Vita Merch

Eat Drink Vegan-Burger-min

Photo Courtesy of Eat Drink Vegan

Booch Craft



Eat Drink Vegan- Kelly's Booth

Donut Friend


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