Italy & England Ciao!
March 1, 2019

I’m back! This Europe trip was filled with a lot of ups and downs to say the least. However, it was such an incredible experience and definitely memorable. Traveling is my favorite thing to do. Along with experiencing new food, new cultures, new places; I love to visit new countries and see the different types of fashion and style. How people dress in different parts of the world has always been so fascinating to me. It allows me to also do research and gain new inspiration for my new collection of Soraya By Rozi. My line represents every woman, from every part of the world and I like to bring bits of pieces of my travels back home with me and incorporate it in my designs. My goal for this trip was to study the current European styles, along with visit fabric houses, showrooms and of course bring back the latest pieces for my online lifestyle boutiques. I am so fortunate that I get to do this with my mother, who has been so instrumental to my business. She shares many similar passions as me, so she comes along with me as my business manager to keep everything organized.

LONDON: My travels started here. There’s something about London that I absolutely adore. Of course, I am absolutely obsessed with the accent. The streets, the fashion and the people were incredible. I have been to London before, but I was much younger. Being able to visit this city as an adult and also for my business, did not even feel like work, but a dream come true! Everyone is so polished here and well put together. I always try to visit the largest fashion department, as well as the tiny local boutiques to get a real scale of the different types of fashions. Below are some of my photos from my travels in this city along with links of where to shop all the outfits from.

London Attire

ME London Hotel

Naked Wardrobe Deep V Bodysuit

Naked Wardrobe Jersey Skirt

Saint Laurent Heels

YSL Chain Handbag

Radio rooftop

Boo Hoo Denim Jumper

Buckingham Palace

Forever 21 Oversized Bomber

Naked Wardrobe One Piece Jumper



Fashion Nova White Jumper

Saint Laurent Heels


Selfridges Calvin Klein Tee

One Teaspoon Shorts


Fashion Nova Tank Dress

Chanel Espadrilles

Villa D’Este, Lake Como

Fashion Nova Blouse

Fashion Nova Shorts

Steve Madden Wedges

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